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Build your #HASHTAG strategy on social media channels

Creating your #HASHTAG strategy on Social Media is not an easy task, but it is equally important.

Here I will share some expertise about it because it deserves to be shared. Sharing expertise not only helps others in their professional endeavours it also helps you.

Sharing your wisdom with the people around you is not an activity born from the ego. It's about being of service. It's about them, not you.

1. First of all, do your research – investigate your competitors’ profiles whose account size is similar to yours. Define your target audience and check what hashtags they follow on Instagram.

2. Keep your hashtags fresh – avoid the copy and paste method. Try a couple of new hashtags every time you post to reach new audiences. Also re-using the same set of hashtags looks like spam to the algorithm so that’s definitely a no-go.

3. Use Hashtag search engines to improve your research – we all run out of ideas sometimes, and looking for new niche hashtags every day can be a tiresome job, so give one of the free Hashtags Search tool a go.

4. Keep your hashtags in the caption – That’s one of the latest advice from Instagram that you should apply in your hashtag strategy right now to increase your chances of ranking higher in the search results. Keywords and hashtags in your captions help the algorithm understand what your profile is all about which leads us to another piece of advice

5. Stop confusing the algorithm – whenever you use random or too generic hashtags you only complicate the process of distributing your content to the right people. Use only highly relevant hashtags to your content, keep them narrow and as niche as possible. Don’t generate spam under some worn off hashtags like „instagirl” or „beautyblogger” used in millions of posts just because they are popular. If a hashtag doesn’t describe your image or video, just leave it for another time or let it go for good.

Every journey is different so test things out and see what approach is best for your growth.

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